Meet Thomas Ahlering, M.D.

Dr. Ahlering specializes in Urologic Oncology and is a highly regarded surgeon in the field of urologic cancers with years of experience in treatment of testicular, bladder, prostate, and kidney cancers. His focus is on the development of radical prostatectomy that is assisted by the da Vinci robot. As a prostate cancer specialist, Dr. Ahlering has performed more than 1,500 robotic surgeries, including the very first robotic prostatectomy surgeries in Australia, Canada, and Denmark.

Based in Orange County, CA, urologist Dr. Ahlering is also an enlarged prostate specialist. He trained under Dr. Donald G. Skinner at USC in urinary diversion and reconstruction and is one of the original American’s Best Doctors since his membership in 1994.

Robotic Surgery Expert
The Department of Urology at the UC Irvine Medical Center was one of the first institutions to offer robotic prostatectomy using the da Vinci Robotic Slave Interface. This groundbreaking technology, listed as number one in Forbes Magazine's "Five Robots That Will Change Your Life," provides unprecedented 3-D vision and precise robotic instrument manipulation.

The initiation of this advanced technology was put in the skilled hands of its most capable prostate surgeon, Dr. Thomas Ahlering. Dr. Ahlering was already a very highly regarded surgeon in Urologic cancers, being listed as one of the original "America's Best Doctors" since his membership in 1994 and had already performed 500+ open radical prostatectomies, before transitioning to the da Vinci system.

The UC Irvine Robotics program performed the first Robotic Prostatectomy in Southern California in June 2002. Dr. Ahlering has performed more than 1200 cases. In addition to being one of the oldest programs in the world, Dr. Ahlering has the second largest series of publications relating to robotic prostatectomy in the literature. Since the robotic program inception in 2002, Dr. Ahlering has written 50+ scientific publications and book chapters, specifically on robotic prostatectomy, of which seven papers bring forth new advancements in techniques.
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Trusted Professional

Dr. Ahlering continues to lead innovation to the Indiana pouch and Ileal Neo-bladder reconstructions.

Highly Regarded

He has received recognition on the local, national, and international levels for his expertise in urologic oncology and more specifically, urinary diversion.

Latest Techniques

Dr. Ahlering has active research projects in bladder and prostate cancer and has produced over 85 publications of book chapters and journal articles.